The number of regulations providing for more and more new obligations and severe sanctions for non-compliance is constantly increasing. Implementing the necessary procedures, training staff and responding correctly to changes in law are key to reducing the risk of violations and limiting their negative effects.


We provide our support in this area by offering  the following services:


  • support in the identification and assessment of legal risks concerning the company and members of its bodies
  • conducting legal audits of companies from the point of view of their compliance with the law and the impact of actions taken on the scope of liability, including personal liability of Management Board members
  • drafting and reviewing compliance documentation (including codes of ethics, anti-corruption policies, conflict of interest prevention policies, whistleblowing policies, anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination policies)
  • providing training in specific legal areas covered by the company’s compliance system (including management liability, relations with competitors and business partners, anti-money laundering, personal data protection, abuse prevention)
  • support of the Management Board and other company bodies in complying with their legal obligations
  • developing internal procedures to mitigate the risk of personal liability of Management Board members for company actions
  • support in dealing with regulatory authorities, etc.