Grants and subsidies are the most sought-after form of support by businesses. They can be used to finance investment projects, research activities, training or marketing projects. However, the procedures for obtaining and accounting for grants and subsidies are time-consuming and quite complicated while proper application documentation can help obtain such funding. In turn, accounting for external funding, especially from EU funds, involves compliance with a number of guidelines, often very different to those applied in the beneficiary’s current activity. Their violation may result in a reduction or even withdrawal of the grant or subsidy awarded.


Therefore, we recommend our services including in particular:


  • detailed analysis of the possibilities of obtaining funding for a project
  • assistance in project modelling aimed at obtaining the highest possible project assessment within a given competition
  • drafting the documentation required when applying for funding
  • drafting documents for signing a contract
  • maintaining project documentation in the SL2014 system
  • preparing payment applications (partial and final)
  • monitoring the planned project budget and changes to the payment schedule
  • verification of the actual project implementation based on the project objectives, drafting change applications and holding negotiations with financing institutions in this respect
  • support in monitoring and documenting project indicators and objectives
  • formal verification of reports on the project activities implemented
  • supervision over project promotional activities implemented
  • advice on maintaining project sustainability, including assistance in drafting reporting documents, etc.