Corporate income tax (CIT) is the set of issues that the accounting department of every company encounters most frequently. Tax-deductible expenses and their recognition, pass-through income or gratuitous benefits as corporate income are issues that we have analysed many times in our practice. Frequent changes in the regulations do not facilitate their proper application: we are here to help. We can support you not only in solving current tax problems but also in implementing projects aimed at identifying the most tax-efficient solutions for the future.


Our CIT-related advisory services include:


  • analysis of tax consequences of transactions concluded
  • tax reviews aimed at analysing the correctness of settlements at the close of the tax year, identification of risks as well as indication of possible streamlining of CIT procedures, calculations and payments
  • support in the tax settlement of financing costs, tax on passed-through income, intangible services or taxation of real estate companies
  • support in the tax settlement of investments
  • tax advice on choosing the form of business activity (Polish holding company, limited partnership, “Estonian CIT”, tax capital group)
  • support in the preparation of information on the implemented tax strategy, etc.